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Do You have a need for debt collection services?
Does Your debtor live in Finland?

Laihian Laki Oy offers professional debt collection services in Finland with the principle:


Our company was founded in 1979 and hence we have over 40 years of experience in collecting debts. In this section You'll find information about our debt collection services in English.

If You need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Effective Debt Collection Services in Finland

We are offering You our professional debt collection services in Finland.

We have been collecting debts for over 40 years. Our strengths are efficiency, experience and our famous Ostrobothnian persistency. We have our own lawyer so legal advice as well as legal collection is available whenever needed.

To begin the collection, we only need a copy of the original invoice or other material where the debt is stated. You can deliver the necessary material to us very easily by mail or e-mail. We begin with the collection procedures immediately.

We always start our collection by sending a letter to the debtor, in which we individualise our client and the debt in question. Our experts will take care of the collection from the beginning to the end. You do not need to worry a thing.

Our principle is: NO RESULT → NO COMMISSION

We will take care of the collection with our own risk and at our own cost. When we succeed we are entitled for our reward in the form of commission.

We do report about the progress of the collection regularly, so You can easily keep up with the collection.

Hence, if Your debtor lives in Finland, do not hesitate to contact us!

For more information, please contact:

Tytti Pajukangas
Tel +358-6-4770888

Successful collection

We charge the commission according to the collected amount in euros as follows:

Collected amount in euros Commission at the lowest point (euros) Commission from the part exceeding the lowest point
- 168 15 - 34
168 - 841 34 8 %
841 - 1.682 87 7 %
1.682 - 3.364 146 5 %
3.364 - 8.409 230 3 %
8.409 - 382 2 %

In case the collection lasts for over three years, we will also charge a long-term collection fee that is equivalent to half of the amount of penalty interest.

We deduct the commission and the possible long-term collection fee from the collected amount when we deposit it into Your account, and the necessary documents will be sent to You for Your bookkeeping. Hence, we try avoiding unnecessary billing and paper usage. If the debtor has made the payment directly to You, we will invoice the commission and the possible long-term collection fee.

Legal collection

In undisputed cases we proceed to legal collection in case the debt is not paid voluntarily. We take care of the costs and carry the risk of legal collection in all undisputed cases. Commission is invoiced normally when collection succeeds.

Disputed debts

In case the debt is disputed, the matter will be transferred to our legal section and we shall invoice our services according to the normal lawyer rates.

Unsuccessful collection

When the debt has been undisputed and collection has not succeeded for example due to an indigent debtor, we shall not invoice You anything. In addition we suffer the costs of collection as a loss ourselves.

Indigent debtor

In a situation where the debtor is indigent, we deliver a certificate confirming debtor’s state directly to You free of charge.

Cancelling the collection

If You cancel the collection partially or totally, or if the collection assignment has been groundless, we shall invoice the commission calculated from the whole amount of debt. Also the collection costs, which would normally be collected from the debtor, are invoiced from You.